Virrgo has been Re-launched!!!

Our new website has been launched today!

New Virrgo

Our New website is live and ready!

Easy to use



Updated regularly!

We have Craft Stock for Sale!!!

We have a huge amount of crafting stock available to buy.

We have approximately 100 pallets of crafting supplies available to purchase today!

Our warehouse based in Humberston, Grimsby, Lincolnshire is full to the brim of craft stationary and supplies such as embellishments, card in all styles, types and deigns,

Call us today to arrange a visit to view our fabulous stock a=with your own eyes and choose the stock you want. We are the cheapest craft suppliers in the country with our clearance deal of craft supplies being the biggest and most ludicrous deal in the country!

Contact the Office on: 01472 232054 to arrange a time to view our stock, or alternatively email me on:

FREE Business Seminars


Next Seminar: 26th July 2013

These seminars are provided to you at no cost and are beneficial for you, your business, career and the excess stock industry.

Business Seminars hosted by Steve Elwis are very popular and essencial for people who are in the clearance & excess stock business already – or wanting to start up from scratch.

Steve has 30 years of experience in dealing with the excess stock market and his enthusiasm is contagious!

For more details please call the office on: 01472 232054

The seminars are based in Lincolnshire and places are booking up fast so please contact us ASAP to reserve your place.

Adverts Marketing and Stock!

We are currently working on a marketing campaign to increase the amount of people we can help with their excess stock! If you can give us some help and advice with this it would be greatly appreciated! 

Current actions: 

  • Selling products on Ebay & Amazon 
  • Adding specially designed leaflets to all stock sent out to encourage people to visit our website (
  • Adding promotional codes to our medical clearance website:
  • Writing this Blog! 
  • Looking into adverts on websites and local newspapers.
  • Using Google Adwords. 

Any other suggestions would be very greatly appreciated! 




Medical Stocks Wanted!

We always want your medical stock!

We are specialists in buying clearance medical stock, and will make your business easier and more profitable by buying your stock!

We buy:
Patient Wipes, Nebulisers, Gloves, Sanitisers, Aprons, Shoe Covers, Masks, Incontinence Supplies, Kidney Bowls, Bottles, Breathing Aids, First Aid Kits, Respirators, Bandages, Resuscitation Kits, Training Aids, Training Samples, Sutres, Veterinary Equipment, Blood Pressure Monitors, Otoscopes, Ophthalmoscopes, Medical PPE, Care Staff PPE, Sharps Bins, Supports and Braces, Bathing Aids, Toilet Aids, Commodes, Homes Aids, Pressure Relief and Comfort, Mobility Aids, Living Aids, and everything else in the medical range.

Visit:  or call us on 01472 232054

We deal in Anything and Everything

We really do deal in anything and everything here Today I had a phone call with someone wanting to sell mixed left overs from a Deli Cafe! They didn’t have a stock list and need to gone by the end of the week – We are more than happy to help them with their request.

We also deal in everything else including:

Food, Drink, Pet Supplies, Garden Supplies, Cosmetics, Vehicles, Tires, Engines, Ex MOD Supplies, Reconditioned Stock, Medical Supplies, Care Home Supplies,  Packaging, Clothing, Baby Clothing, Toys, Electronics, Tools, Power Tools, Machinery, Books, Homeware, 

If your stock for sale is not included in the list – Never fear! We will still buy your stock – We deal in everything that sells and we can make everything sell

Food and Drink

We will buy all of your food and drink surplus stock

We will buy stock which is:

  • Fresh
  • Frozen
  • Dried
  • Short Dated
  • Out of Date
  • Re-branded
  • Ingredients
  • Tinned

We are always very interested to buy your food and drink stock. We have customers which specialise in selling out of date stock, damaged stock and clearance stock. Food and Drink is very popular with people selling it to us on a regular basis and buying just as quickly.

If you want to buy our food stock please sign up to our mailing list on:

Our food and drink stock sells very very quickly and to get in their first you need to be on our mailing list because often the stock doesn’t make it onto the website because its in and out of our warehouse so quickly!!

Helping us to Help you!

Helping us to Help you make Money!

Business is hard at the moment with everyone in the retail industry struggling. So many customers do not have the cash to spend on luxuries and are struggling to buy the things they need – these are very hard times and we need to step up to the mark to stop our hard work and businesses from being destroyed by this economic climate.

Excess Stock Buyers can be your safety blanket in these difficult times. We can provide you with the best prices for your dead stock and make room in your warehouse to buy products consumers are buying and make you the profits you deserve.

Contact us today with details of your stock by ringing: 01472 232054

or Email:


We will buy your gloves

We are always looking to buy your gloves stock. 

We have clientele wanting gloves on a regular basis and so we are in the market to buy all your gloves including:

  • Nitrile
  • Vinyl
  • Latex
  • Neoprene

we are also interested in all variations of colours.

Please contact us today on: 01472 232054 to discuss your stock and we can get back to your with an offer in record time. Alternatively please use our contact form:



We want your childrens clothing stock now!

Excess stock in the clothing business is inevitable. Fashion and trends change so rapidly that stock becomes unsaleable sometimes within weeks of it being a retail diamond. Excess Stock Buyers are here to help. We will purchase your dead stock from you to help you keep your stock up to date and profitable as possible.

Children’s clothing is something we are particularly strong in at the moment and we are looking to purchase your surplus stock for the best prices in the clearance market.

If you are interested in selling us your excess stock (of any kind) please feel welcome to contact us via phone, email or use our contact form below:

Contact us today on: 01472 232054

or email:


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